CBA Benefit Services believes consultants should deliver results that are practical and actionable. We utilize technology, but we don't let it hamper accessibility and on-site contact. We applaud innovation, but think some of the best ideas are the ones that are tried and true. You will find that our value is in our experience and expertise applied to keep your benefit plan healthy. What do we do specifically?

  • Track industry trends.
  • Analyze your experience in the light of normative data.
  • Negotiate with vendors to assure your benefit plan is the most cost effective.
  • Develop a blueprint for your future healthcare decisions.
  • See you through implementation of any plan and assure you are on track.

Some of our typical case studies address:

  • Requests for proposals (medical, dental, vision, etc.)
  • HIPAA Privacy/Security Compliance
  • Ohio School Employees' Health Care Board “Best Practices” Compliance
  • Employee surveys and education
  • Impact of Consumer Driven Health Plans (CDHP)